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My name's Michael Dexter.
This is my site, where you can read about me,
about my job and about what I can do for you.
And I think I shoud say here that I am a photographer.
You're surprised! Aren't you? :)

Modern photos

I take modern photos!


I take pictures of landscapes!

Retro photos

I take retro photos!

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About photo styles

As you can see, I photograph in different styles.
I do portrait, landscape, reportage photography.
I take pictures in modern style, retro style, nude style.
In addition, I work in the architectural genre.

About the work process

I have my oun studio.
Also, if necessary, I rent a more suitable studio.
In addition, certain types of photography are perfomed on the street.

About prices

I have affordable prices.
I have affordable prices that correspond to the principle of "price-quality":
not expensive, but not cheap.
I appreciate my work.

Contact me!

Send a message to me.
And I will make the best photosession ever!